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AS I gazed upon his naked body before me . I heard his words command me to massage him. "Long and deep" he said "I don’t want to be sore when your done. I want to be relaxed" he again commanded.
Moscow escort With shaking hands I reached for the oils, he had prepared. He lay prone upon the hard bed as I studied his youthful body. His ass was soft and yet firm, round and yet angular. His legs and arms muscular. I wanted to run my hands over him and feel his angles and muscles. I denied myself and sat upon his sweet ass, so I could reach his head, neck and shoulder and began my massage. I could feel the heat by the time i moved down to his lower back and ass. Escort Moscow My lips were chattering as I touched him.
I was trying my best not to feel this way. Thinking of all the things I had to do.. all the places I could be,, but my hands were the leaders not my mind.
I felt my nipples tighten against my bra. I felt the warmth between my legs as my lips parted as i straddled him. I sat on his leg to let him feel the heat emanate from me.
I concentrate on his feet and ankles..rubbing this sweet oil into him. I know when he turns over he will be hardened.
That I would see his cock for the first time. I got off him and rolled him over. I started at his calves again.. massaging, rubbing muscles that were tight in his leg. All the time staring at his cock. He was hard and I saw his piercing for the first time. 3 post, with 6 little balls around and thru the head of him. I turned away. I was staring. I had to stare, for I was amazed. I was HOT I was flushed. I could feel my own juices dribbling slowly over my lips. I could feel the wet spot on my jeans.
I moved to touch him and he smiled. I ran a finger over his shaft.. to his head,,,and peircings. I touched each little ball, running my fingers around it. seeing one hole with out jewelry. Again my lips were quivering and I kept having to close them. I rubbed him with the oils around his balls and inner thighs, and reached down with my mouth to kiss the head of his bejeweled cock. I tongued every ball swirling it around them and down to the next. He just smiles and watches me.I wrap my lips around his head and begin to suck.. feeling the studs against the roof of my mouth and on my tongue. I reach in my jeans to touch myself.. I felt the warmth of me and the wetness,, the slippery clit so engorged. Soon I could feel the tug of my zipper.. sliding down. As his finger replaced mine, my heart raced.
He helped me shed my jeans, leaving the rest of my clothes on.
His Dom side emerges as he takes control of me. Standing over me letting me suck his cock he reached back and rocked his finger in and out of my throbbing pussy, rubbing on the clit. I am almost thrown off the ledge of sanity.
He captivated my spirit, not that spirit of mother or wife or servant I had been for so long.. The spirit of my womanhood,, my youthfulness. The long ago forgotten part of me deep in my soul. Not my heart did he capture, and not my soul either. He opened a well of sexuality, imagination, and pleasure. My juices were pulled out of me. With them came the essence of my existence. I no longer dwelled in time and space, only floating thru waves of pleasure. I was not my self...... I was the goddess that had been slumbering within me.
Before he entered me he reached into a little box next to us. He pulled out a ring with a bead holding it together. He inserted the ring into his emtpy slot and out his urethra. I was shocked at this newness. I had to look had to see this wonderful thing. He let me look only for a short time. Then he placed himself at my opening. Slowly and softly he pushed into me.. I could feel the ring, hard inside of me.. I could feel the beads scraping me. I could feel his hard cock slowly, almost painfully enter. I was so ready for him.
He was almost half into me when he forcefully shoved,, and filled me. I was writhing,, feeling the intenseness,, the strangness of his jewels. I was thrown over into bliss with in the first few strokes.. All that came after is in haze, as wave after wave racked my body with pleasure. I wanted to plead with him to stop... to let me catch my breath,, and yet I could not. I had lost control over my senses, over my whole self. I hear him giggle, pulling me back to earth.. setting my feet down on the bed, and rising away from me. Grinning and Knowing he had seduced me totally.

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Boosting a Low Confident guy

Escort MoscowIn our profession, we seldom met guys who have doubt over their masculinity. Usually, we met guys who are in love with themselves and are proud of their manliness a lot. It doesn’t matter whether they make their women happy or not, they should be satisfied, that’s their only motto. As an escort, we usually meet these kinds of arrogant, filthy men.
But, hardly have we encountered a man who has doubt on himself i.e. satisfying women in bed. One day, I met an African man who was really low confident about performing well in bed. The guy was bald, well built and had a shining black skin. From his physical appearance, no one could tell that the guy has physical problem. Moscow escort
He looked quite sad and nervous as he entered my apartment. I welcome him with a genuine smile and made him a glass of wine. The guy gulped it in one shot and then he told me his main reason for coming. 
He told me his wife had left him because he couldn’t satisfy her in bed.  He was quite honest about himself. He told me his dick is quite shorter than normal self. He had come over to me so that he could confirm one last time that he had a medical problem or not. 
I really felt sympathy for that guy at that moment. I take off his clothes gently. I removed his underwear along with banyan to see his organ. The guy was well built from top to bottom, only problem was that his penis was quite short. I said, don’t worry, everything will be okay.
The first thing I did in my escort session is that I massaged his cock gently. As his cock was erected, I put it in my mouth and start sucking it gently.  He really liked the way I sucked his cock, in fact, he loosen up my hair, played with it while I sucked his cock gently. Soon, he ejaculated inside my mouth. The guy had tears when he cum inside my mouth. 
I was glad to see smile on his face.
Then, I went to bathroom to wash my mouth and came back to him wearing just bra and panty. His mouth was wide open as I came closer to him. I put his hands gently on my breasts. Automatically, his hands start fondling at my tits. He started panting heavily as he fondled my tits.  In excitement, he put me down on bed, removes my undergarments and started kissing me passionately. His lips moved all over my body. He gave me sweet kisses on my lips, suck my breasts and finally spread my legs like a flower to insert his organ.
Now, I understood the problem, the guy organ was short and he was putting lot of effort in entering it into vagina. I laid him gently in bed and sat perfectly on his penis. Then, I start moving in front and backward position, while the guy kept on fondling my tits. I kept on doing this till he ejaculated inside my body.
He asked me after sex about his performance. I told him it was marvelous, only problem is that he should try women on top position rather than going for missionary position as that is more comfortable for him.
He smiled a lot and gave me warm kiss before going back to his normal life. Last time, I heard of him was that he had married again; in fact his wife was expecting a baby soon. He thanked me a lot for such a sweet encounter and promised me to visit again whenever he had time. 
First time as an escort, I felt proud of myself and thanks to that gentle African man that I did a good deed. That’s why it is one of my most memorable sexual encounters.

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Аллегра. Сексуальное приключение с военным

В начале своей карьеры в качестве эскорт модели, я, как и любая молодая неопытная девушка, не могла похвастаться тем, что в совершенстве владею навыками отличного секса. Escort Moscow Но мне повезло, и одним из моих первых клиентов стал военный, который многому меня научил. И  именно благодаря ему, сегодня я могу с уверенностью сказать, что знаю, как доставить незабываемое удовольствие даже самому искушенному клиенту.
В назначенное время в моей квартире раздался звонок, и я поспешила открыть дверь. Передо мной стоял довольно высокий парень с мужественными чертами лица и армейским взглядом. Будучи военным, он был смел и уверен в себе. Moscow escort Он прошел в мою квартиру, огляделся и, не дожидаясь предложения, подошел к бару и сделал нам с ним по коктейлю. Глядя на его спокойные и четкие движения я внутренне расслабилась, и у меня не осталось вопроса о том, кто из нас сегодня будет «сверху». Потягивая свой коктейль, он рассказал мне, что устал от сугубо мужского окружения и сурового распорядка дня. И поэтому свой выходной ему захотелось провести в приятном обществе эскорт модели.
В тот день на мне было длинное черное платье, которое завязывалось на затылке. Выпив свой коктейль, он подошел ко мне сзади, поднял мои волосы и развязал платье. Оно упало на пол, и теперь я стояла в одном нижнем  белье. Но моему мужчине этого показалось мало и он, достав из кармана армейский нож, разрезал мой бюстгальтер и трусики. Теперь я была совершенно обнажена, что немного смутило меня, и я покраснела. Он же напротив был в восторге и его глаза скользили по моему телу в течение пяти минут. Потом он подошел ко мне, взял меня на руки и понес в ванную.
Поставив меня под душ, он открыл кран. Теплая вода помогла мне расслабиться и, закрыв глаза, я почувствовала на своей коже его мягкие прикосновения. Но когда его губы прикоснулись к моим, я вздрогнула от неожиданности, а он засмеялся и сказал, что я веду себя как ребенок. Он положил руки мне на талию и притянул к себе, теперь я не могла пошевелиться. Глядя мне прямо в глаза, он сделал еще одну попытку поцеловать меня. На этот раз я не сопротивлялась. Его губы оказались такими чувственными, что меня сразу охватила страсть. Наш поцелуй длился вечность, у меня даже закружилась голова, и я остановилась, чтобы отдышаться. Но моей военный не хотел останавливаться, и его губы перешли к моим щекам, поласкали мочку уха, потом была шея и, наконец, моя упругая грудь. Как ребенок, которому в руки попала любимая игрушка, он принялся страстно сосать ее, иногда слегка покусывая. Низом живота я почувствовала, что его член набух и теперь упирался в меня.
Меня переполняла страсть, и мне необходимо было дать ей выход, я больше не могла ждать. Я начала целовать его гладкое упругое тело, на котором была видна каждая мышца. Тем временем моя рука проникла ему в трусы, и мои пальчики начали играть с его членом, лаская его. Потом я опустилась на колени, спустила с него штаны и обхватила его член губами. Он шумно выдохнул и положил руки мне на затылок, прижимая к себе ближе. Я наслаждалась ощущением его упругого члена у меня во рту. Я сосала его и щекотала языком его головку до тех пор, пока не почувствовала его вкус, по моим губам потекла его сперма. Сполоснув рот, я взяла в руки мыло и начала водить им по его телу, снова возбуждая его и наслаждаясь этим. Он не хотел оставаться в стороне и, взяв второй кусок мыла, начал мылить им меня. Вскоре его член снова встал, и, приподняв меня на руки и прислонив к стене, мягким толчком он вошел в меня. Это было восхитительно, он двигался все быстрее и быстрее, как бы насаживая меня на себя, а потом взорвался внутри меня мощным оргазмом.  

Этот мужчина открыл мне дверь в мир сексуального удовольствия, с ним я наслаждалась каждым моментом. Утром он разбудил меня нежным поцелуем и сказал, что ему пора возвращаться к своей армейской жизни. Я и сейчас чувствую его губы, его руки. И чисто по-женски я до сих пор тоскую по ним.

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During my initial days as an escort, I met an Army men who introduce me to hot shower sexual encounter.
  Moscow escort Till now, it is my favorite sex technique which I frequently use to impress my client.
They army guy arrived on time in my apartment. He was well built 6 feet 2 inches tall and had a rugged face giving him an army look.  He was quite bold and confident just like a typical army guy. First he made a drink for himself to relax his nerve. He told me he was a commander in army and was looking for a company of lovely lady to get a change from his tiring army daily routine.

 I was wearing a black long skirt with for the event.  After drinking, he came behind me and unhooks my dress. Escort Moscow My dress came down within a second and I was standing in undergarments in front of him. He took a knife from his pocket, cut my bra and removed my underwear. I was standing completely nude in front of him. For 5 minutes, he admired my body from top to bottom; I blushed with embarrassment and couldn’t see in his eyes. Gently, he lifted me up and took me to bathroom.
He made me stand under shower and opened its tap immediately. The water was pretty much warm and it was feeling nice when it   touched my skin.  When first drops fell on my skin, I shivered with excitement and he laughed to see my childish behavior.  He hold me tight in his arms, so that I couldn’t run away from him. Looking straight into my eyes, he started kissing me passionately on my lips. We continued to lip lock each other for 10 minutes, then we took a break to take some breath.  From lips, he moved to my long smooth neck and started kissing, biting it feverishly. His lips were moving all over my neck, ear and from that they straight landed on my firm breasts.  Like a child who has got his favorite toy, he started sucking my breasts with full passion. Moving from left to right, he sucked and bite them with full intensity.  His penis was hard erected when he was playing with my tits. I could feel the bulge inside his pants.
I was pretty much excited during this and was desperate to kiss his smooth body. I couldn’t stop my excitement. I was panting heavily and he understood that I was in heat. When he had played enough with my tits, he asked me gently, “Do you want me to play with my body?” I didn’t answer but started kissing his lips passionately. Soon, I was kissing his chest and my hand was inside his underwear playing with his hard cock. I removed his underwear and started sucking his cock deeply. Soon, he ejaculated in my mouth. I washed my mouth and started applying soap on his body. He really liked it when my smooth, soft hands move over his body. He reciprocated too, applying soap all over my body.  Then, we came to the main part of our sexual encounter i.e. physical intercourse. He lifted me up on his knees and inserted his penis inside my body.  Gently, he pushed his organ inside my body, within some moments, he increased his speed and started fucking me with full intensity. I cried with excitement and soon cummed inside my body. We were panting heavily after sexual encounter. 

It was quite a unique experience for me and I enjoyed every moment for it. We ordered pizza for dinner and in morning with a gentle kiss on my lips, he moved away from his life. But, still I feel his strong arms, deep kisses and well built body.  As a woman, I still yearn for him.